The Trust is keen to promote an early, active interest in careers within the NHS. The Learning Works therefore offers students a work experience scheme at the age of 14 and above.

Pupils have an opportunity to discover what working life is like in the healthcare sector. The work experience programme offers a flexible range of options – from a one-day taster session up to two weeks, and covers all of the working disciplines that the Trust has to offer.

Opportunities for work experience include (among many others):

  • Healthcare – working in a ward area
  • Customer service
  • Business administrative 
  • Estates – grounds and building maintenance
  • Therapists - This includes Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy placements (2 days only)
  • Facilities – catering, portering, cleaning and maintenance, driving services
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Medicine/general surgery

You must specify which department/area you would like to undertake your placement in to process your application, this should also include the dates for your placement.  Failure to submit these details may result in your application being delayed.

Please note in order to work within Clinical areas you must be aged 16 years or over.

All work experience candidates will be fully supervised, providing assistance that is appropriate to their age and experience. Needless to say, pupils will never be exposed to anything harmful. However, they will gain a valuable insight into the potential for a wide range of careers within the Trust.

The Learning Works is actively promoting these opportunities to schools career officers across the region. Schools can contact us directly with regards to securing work experience opportunities with the Trust.

For more information about work experience opportunities, please e-mail your enquiry to:

To apply for a work experience placement please complete the form and return your completed form by email to  We are not accepting any postal applications only online.